iOrasis Studio
.NET Real Time 2D/3D graphic and Video/Audio Framework
for Matrox's DSX family.


Stock Market:
Use iOrasis for data intensive stock market applications and air your channel from a single system supporting live, video and graphics.

Interactive Music Clip Server:
Building an SMS driven jukebox application, has never been easier. Use the wealth of effects available to define your advanced idea for an interactive clip server.

Live Sport Event Graphics:
Combine graphics, video effects and data sources in a single system to support live events and sports applications.

Live Game Shows:
iOrasis is also an excellent choice for modern shows and games, that can be easily adapted to the needs of each event.

iOrasis Studio

iOrasis provides a pure .NET framework for rapid application development; it relieves the custom solution provider-developer from the burden of handling the often complex broadcast effects, letting him concentrate on the project specific logic or data sources needed to go on-air.

iOrasis supports the full product range of Matrox's DSX family, from the lower-end SD to the higher-end SD/HD members and offers fast integration and system build up, scalability and future proof ability.

If you are already using another graphics SDK, consider moving to iOrasis; you can easily exploit the DSX power and flexibility, while at the same time offer much more than graphics to your final product. iOrasis framework offers support for live video audio channels, multiple playlists of mixed codecs and frame accurate triggers. Take advantage of the superior Matrox DSX family and use iOrasis to easily port your applications and projects to the Matrox family. Select the appropriate DSX cardset and provide the optimum solution for your projects.


iOrasis features in detail

iOrasis .NET SDK

iOrasis offers a modern SDK, built around the .NET programming environment. You can use your .NET programming language of choice like C# or VB.NET and use iOrasis's high level objects and effects to create fast the live broadcast layouts you want. iOrasis's .NET assemblies offer type-safe coding with Visual studio intellisense feature. The integrated help system and the sample code included in the SDK make programming a fast and creative experience. It is fun to browse the iOrasis SDK training example code and find out that you do not have to be a C++ guru to get hold of the power of Matrox DSX family. But if you still need COM for Visual Basic 6 or VC++ programming and backward compatibility, all the pure .NET iOrasis SDK objects are also available through COM interfaces.

iOrasis features

Multi layer cascading Effect tree

An almost infinite number of transparent or opaque layers of fully antialised text with Unicode support, graphics, animations, DVE’s, rolls, crawls with 2D or 3D key-frame able effects can be easily created in iOrasis. Texts, images, animations and DVEs have 4:3, 16:9 or square pixel adjustments for correcting aspect ratios depending on source and output specs. All effects are cascade able with selective inheritance of parent-child properties for easy grouping and first time seen effect creation. The iOrasis core engine provides smart management of system resources for maximum performance in the given hardware platform.

Playlists and Broadcast Codecs Support

iOrasis supports all major broadcast software codecs like DV25, DVCPRO25, DV50, MPEG-2 I-Frame, MPEG2 IBP depending on target hardware. Multiple play-lists with mixed codecs are supported, available also for the 2D/3D effects engine to create PiP like output or preview next clip or clips available for SMS voting over the currently played clips. Playlists, video clips and live video are always in perfect sync with the proper audio sources. Matte support for independent clips or play-lists let you create eye catching transitions from one layout to the other. With iOrasis you can make your video server a part of the CG system, save on equipment and gain on integration.

Key framed effects

You can command all the attributes of all your screen objects with the real time key-frame able 2D/3D properties. You cam define 2D or 3D dynamic curves in properties like position, size, rotation, fade and many more in order to create the effect or transition you prefer for all the graphics and video layers. You can also assign key-frame able properties to audio sources live or file based for mixing or ducking.

Frame accurate triggers and time-code reader support

A key requirement for a professional broadcasting framework is frame accuracy. The evolution of the effect tree in time and the events that describe this behavior is frame accurate, providing true control of the overall system. A number of external time code readers are supported in order to offer accurate trigger reference based on the HTC of the station. A virtual time reader is also included in order to resolve cases that an external TC reader is not available.

Live video and audio

iOrasis fully supports multiple live video (SDI/analogue) SD/HD input, key and fill output and audio IO (embedded AES/EBU or analogue) depending on the features of the selected Matrox DSX cardset.


You can use iOrasis to perform 2D or 3D DVE on multiple sources of live video or video clips. The number of DVEs in a single configuration depends on the hardware platform used and whether SD or HD quality is used. You can also add DVEs as part of the cascading effects tree and easily create crawls or rolls of DVEs or other first time seen, eye catching effects.

FreeHand effect pack

This optional pack to iOrasis gives you a free drawing layer supporting curves, lines, circles or free hand drawings with transparency for applications like Sports commentary, Interactive game shows, Kid TV shows, Breaking events explanatory templates or coach’s electronic blackboards.

Plugin architecture and remoting control

Use the powerful plug-in architecture in iOrasis to embed your custom UI and logic inside iOrasis. Create an independent application running in local or remote PC in the network to control and remotely manage single or multiple configurations of iOrasis engines in complex or distributed projects. Use the remoting interfaces to create cascading iOrasis systems or hot backup solutions.

iOrasis designer

Although you can really create on the fly all kind of effects with the iOrasis SDK, it is faster to use the iOrasis template designer. The template designer can visually add all the needed objects and effects in a layout, design the keyframe curves of the properties and define the effect tree behavior in space and time. The iOrasis designer can be used in a laptop or standard PC by project designers in order to actually build their layout and preview their design without the need of special hardware. Then the programmer can base its development on the designed templates and define data interactive relations and custom behavior logic to make the templates become alive. The designer is not a mandatory component of the iOrasis framework, but it is a complementary powerful tool.